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Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the people who aren’t in the spotlight, those in the background – like the invisible Indivisibles – who worked very, very hard, to make ISB’s “Nobody is Above the Law” Impeachment Eve rally a raging success. Sure, the stage speakers were utterly amazing, the resulting prestige, accolades and ink coverage unquestionably deserved, but the team effort behind the scenes absolutely rocked!

Unless you’ve run an event before, it’s difficult to understand how hard the roadies work. The audience doesn’t see those bright, shiny, worker-bee faces, they’re just part of the crowd. Our invisibles undertook countless small tasks and diligently managed numerous details that created the illusion everything ran seamlessly on its own. “Great energy”, “so well organized” and “one of the best rallies ever” were just a few crowd raves.

So, thank you invisible Indivisibles for holding/attending countless planning meetings, for creating, printing and trudging the streets distributing the flyers.
Thank you for those neon armbands and nifty lanyards, they were soooo cool.
SB activist groups showed up in force. What great community outreach and communication!
A huge shout-out to Gary for donating his considerable time and equipment (audio/lighting/ISB banner stands). His professional expertise made us look like real pros!
Our social media/Newsletter team member’s posts/mailings were perfect and went out with impeccable timing!
Wasn’t it wonderful to see all those little, cloth flags waving? Some very effective pre-rally crowd-mingling went on.
The ISB website and calendar seemed to update magically on its own. Not many people understand how long it takes to make that happen.
Yowzah, the press coverage was totally impressive. We made the WaPo, can you believe it?!?! All those tips to the newsrooms certainly paid off big time!
How did all those bills fit into our three, flimsy little donation boxes? Someone sure knows how to stuff money. And over 50 new Newsletter sign-ups. Wow!

We have the best police department! They were pleasant, accommodating and supportive…it was worth the extra effort to keep them in the loop from the very beginning.
Did you hear how appreciative the county admin folks were that ISB got all the permits and insurance to make the event “lawful”? That took some considerable time to pull off!
The Percussionists could be heard from the Riv…talk about pumping up the crowd! Thank you for arranging that!
Did y’all like the music? There was some last-minute, old-tech, boomer angst involved, hah!
Weren’t the impeachment carols just hilarious? Who found those? How did everyone get a copy of the lyrics?
Did you notice the last minute signs being made? Thanks to the invisible who brought the supplies!
Oooh, and those pictures and videos! Besides the time spent on location, some worked into the wee hours, long after the rest of us were snoring, to make them look so good.
Whoever setup the stage nailed it! Carbajal’s flag and ISB’s banner were positioned to within a picture-perfect inch.
Did anyone notice how spotless the Courthouse grounds were afterwards?

Hey, invisible Indivisibles, you did us proud. You are our glue. You are our heart. You rock!

Thank you.

An Invisible Indivisible