Trump Fiction: Fake Fake News

Recently The-Man-Who-Would-Be-President got himself into more hot water and tried to lie his way out of a lie by claiming “sort of a double negative.” There is increasing awareness that almost all of what he says should be suspect. Virtually everything he says – and absolutely all of his tweets – should be considered fabrications until verified. That verification could take months or even years. Think about it: all the trump blather is just, well, blather until proven true. At some later date. Continue reading “Trump Fiction: Fake Fake News”

Trump Fiction: Soybeans v. Edamame

Mr. “I alone can fix it” continues to lie for the sake of justifying the unsupportable. Recently he got it wrong about farmers and soybeans, claiming the fall in prices resulted from “bad (terrible) Trade Deals” (it didn’t). Since much of his base is rural and agrarian, let’s see if they ignore the fiction. Maybe City Boy Donald got confused between a major crop export and the Asian menu item . Here’s the truth.
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Trump Fiction: Germany Captive to Russia?

The executive blunderbuss is at it again, shooting off his mouth without checking for the truth. This time, July 11, at the NATO Conference in Brussels, he berated Germany for being “captive” to Russia due to getting “60-70% of their energy from Russia.” We’ll admit Mr. Tiny Hands knows a thing or two about being captive to Russia. He is routinely captivated himself by Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin, but that is the limit of the trump experience with Russia captives. Here’s the truth.
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Trump Fiction: 1929 and counting …

O Canada” and oh, those Canadians! Hell may have no fury like a polite Canadian slapped with an unfair tariff. Whether due to the tariffs imposed by Mr. Tiny Hands or not, the Toronto Star has compiled a list of all known current lies our president has told since his inauguration. It’s up to 1929 as this is posted,  in what may be a continuously updating total for the article. Adding insulting truth to injury, the author doesn’t mince words, attaching the labels “constant liar” and “serial liar” to our chief executive. Bravo! Continue reading “Trump Fiction: 1929 and counting …”

Trump Fiction: Workers “coming back off the sidelines”?

Don’t give us that skanky look, girl. You know this is a sleight of word pitch. Not so bald-faced as your daddy but he still would be proud of your effort.

Are workers really “coming back off the sidelines and into the workforce as Ms. Assistant-to-the-President would suggest? Or is this just more hot air from the royal family, hyping a charade that the economy is improving entirely due to current administration actions? Continue reading “Trump Fiction: Workers “coming back off the sidelines”?”

Trump Fiction: 5000 Immigration Judges?

Did the Liar-in-Chief just tell another whopper to the only audience who will believe him? You already know the answer to that!

This week he spoke multiple times, most visibly to a rally crowd in South Carolina (population less than combined two large California cities but having the same number of Senators as our entire state). He told a tale of some unknown supplicants requested he “hire 5,000 more judges” to handle the cases of immigrant detainees.  Asked to clarify who were the “they” that requested the judges, administration spokespeople – including Sarah Sanders, recently denied service at a Virginia restaurant – could not answer.

Fact Checkers are blossoming everywhere. This one is researched and reported by ABC News, which can’t resist adding some snark to the lead-in. Continue reading “Trump Fiction: 5000 Immigration Judges?”

Trump Fiction: Immigrant Family Separations

This is an “Outside Fact Check” on the president’s continuing 2018 claims that separation of minors from immigrant adults is the result of Democratic actions, or founded in law, or has a Biblical basis, or requires Congressional action to remedy.


With the expectation that this sorry tragedy will continue to play out (as it already has with the actors being the president, attorney general, a Cabinet secretary, and other administration spokespeople), we offer a comprehensive analysis of the background. Continue reading “Trump Fiction: Immigrant Family Separations”