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Did the Liar-in-Chief just tell another whopper to the only audience who will believe him? You already know the answer to that!

This week he spoke multiple times, most visibly to a rally crowd in South Carolina (population less than combined two large California cities but having the same number of Senators as our entire state). He told a tale of some unknown supplicants requested he “hire 5,000 more judges” to handle the cases of immigrant detainees.  Asked to clarify who were the “they” that requested the judges, administration spokespeople – including Sarah Sanders, recently denied service at a Virginia restaurant – could not answer.

Fact Checkers are blossoming everywhere. This one is researched and reported by ABC News, which can’t resist adding some snark to the lead-in.

For the story about the fictional five thousand, click here:

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  • Fact Checking the President and members of his staff, cabinet, and hangers-on is a full-time job, requiring far more resources than IndivisibleSB can muster. Fortunately, larger media outlets (many wearing with pride the presidential badge of “Fake News”) are now documenting those missteps. Please suggest topics you’d like to see addressed.