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Now that the deposed and twice-impeached former president has gone into seclusion in that other “sunshine state,” Let the hypocrisy begin! I’m looking at you, republican members of Congress, particularly the shameful Californian Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader.

Last century, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” The distinction was lost on the former prez and his remaining acolytes, who repeatedly proclaim opinion as fact and hope it will become the basis of history. Here are some examples.


Opinion: “There were good people on both sides.”
This was asserted by his self about a rally of racist anti-Semitic bigots in Charlottesville. Widely debunked (torch carrying marchers chanting, “Jews will not replace us,” were on only one side), the phrase has been resurrected as part of the violent insurrection on January 6th. Let me be first to suggest that “Oh-One-Oh-Six” will become a historic shorthand like “Nine-Eleven,” but, I digress. The republican version is that a mix of “good people like us” with instigators on both political extremes were the real cause of the physical damage, loss of life, and historic reassessment of our national self-image.

Fact: No, those weren’t leftist instigators that worked up the crowd, that was your prez and some republican congressmen, plus right-wing (only) extremists.


Opinion: “The Capitol Insurrection is no different than the riots by Black protestors.”
To that point, when can a rational human equate a response to the killing of unarmed Black people (documented on video!) with the 1) imaginary vote manipulation, 2) in multiple independently run counties, 3) in several different states, 4) but only those ballots affecting the presidential race, and 5) only in the counties lost by trump, and no others? (Phew!) All the down ballot races were unaffected and none of the states won by trump had irregularities?

Fact: Falsely connecting all those unlikely dots is what brought violence to the People’s House. The many specious retellings of this analogy by hair-dripping, fly-unzipping Rudy Giuliani do not make them equal or factual. In contrast, witnessing unlawful murders under color of law is what brought summer protests to their boiling points.


Opinion: “We need Unity! now to heal this social rift.”
Well said, but hypocritical from today’s loudest voices. Where were the “Unity-ists” when decisions were made to remove us from the Paris Climate Accord, or the Iran Nuclear Deal, or impose a Muslim travel ban, or build a southern border wall, each terrifically divisive and an opportunity to heal a national social rift? There was never a nod to unity for those actions, but a focus on the intents, purposes, and merits as seen by proponents. The hypocritical voices for “Unity!” now were then smooching the backside of the “Dear Leader.” The prime focus of the “Unity!” crowd now is the record setting second impeachment of l’enfant terrible.

Fact: We must ignore calls for unity on this issue and move ahead on the well documented merits. He brought this on himself. There can be no unity without responsibility. The man’s actions deserve impeachment by the House, conviction by the Senate, and prohibition from any future public office. The atrocious and un-American actions of the last four years, topped by the inflammatory and anti-democratic actions of the last month must be balanced by consequences.

A few last bullets:

  • There are seemingly irreconcilable contrasts in American belief systems and explanations; we are separated and labeled like uniformed soldiers in an 18th century battle or like the Blue and the Gray in our uncivil 19th century war.
  • The Biden plan should add extra dollars for mental health services for the crazies who believe the QAnon conspiracies and the Stolen Election fantasy.
  • If you were part of the Capitol Insurrection of 01-06, but were unable to enter the building, stand back and stand by. The FBI is still looking for you.
  • It is curious that law enforcement officers teargassed peaceful DC protestors so the president could force his way to a photo-op, while law enforcement officers took selfies with and guided violent insurrectionists through the Capitol halls.
  • Is “Rioting While White” a thing?
  • Will history show that 01-06 was a Covid “super spreader” event like Angelenos on a crowded beach?