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Amid all the shifting sands, moving goal posts, and mixed messaging of the daily coronavirus White House press conferences, there is one constant: the #FakeTanFatMan is the master of ceremonies. He has finally found his niche after stumbling around for 3 years looking for just the right persona. Two hours. Prime time. Daily.

He is so uncomfortable expressing sincerity. So incapable of extemporaneous speech unrelated to himself and his beautiful greatness. So inept delivering any public message without a teleprompter. It would help if he could read; it would be better if he could memorize; it would be best if he spoke from the heart.

He will forever be compared to Barack Obama, who could do all those things. Well. The “stable genius” will be referred to as the “Covid President” responsible for the #trumpedemic and our catastrophic economic decline. Presidential historians will label him our 21st century Herbert Hoover for his dithering and happy talk as we sink into health and economic calamities.

The man who made MAGA a word has finally succeeded. America now has more documented cases of Covid-19 than any other country in the universe. We’re number one! We’re headed for 7-figure numbers of cases and 6-figure deaths, another world record. USA! USA!

White House press conferences overflow with conflicting statements, contradictory recommendations, scientific misrepresentations, and outright lies. The only constant is the bobblehead ringleader. The main thing missing is national leadership. There remains a handful of states (all of which voted overwhelmingly for the president) that have been slow to implement restrictions on tourist attractions, large group activities, and impose general lockdowns on their citizens to curtail spread of the disease. The president has demonstrated he holds tremendous sway over his acolytes. He should use it for the good of us all.

Early scientific evidence suggests Covid-19 may be a seasonal disease. If we are lucky, the virus will not mutate substantially and those who recover will have immunity against repeat infection when/if it returns. But think about everyone who followed the rules, stayed home, social distanced, and wore masks in service to themselves and others. Fortunate enough initially not to contract the disease, they now have no immunity when it returns from those pockets in states that took slow or no efforts to stop it.

We are all passengers in an airliner cabin with a smoking section. The smokers are happy to sit together and breathe each other’s exhaust but smoke, like coronavirus, respects no conceptual boundaries. It wafts throughout the cabin and spreads to everyone, no matter their personal choices. We are all affected (infected?) by the choices of the few.

Wear a mask. Don’t be a vector. Don’t be a victim.

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