8.26.17 – Town Hall: Becerra, Carbajal, Jackson, Limón

By Rick Closson, ISB Staff Writer

Panelists Carbajal, Jackson, Limón, Becerra

This was a squeaky clean political town hall meeting unlike any we’ve seen for some Republicans. It was held jointly by three local representatives coinciding with the visit of California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra. A popular 12-term Congressman, Becerra was tapped this year by Governor Jerry Brown to be California’s first Latino Attorney General when Kamala Harris was elected Senator. The Attorney General serves a 4-year term and Becerra will be on the 2018 ballot, perhaps partially explaining his visit to Santa Barbara.

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7.27.17 – “Conspiracies and Power”

By Michael Vilkin, Events Chairman
Indivisible Santa Barbara

The evening was offered as an opportunity for IndivisibleSB members to
a) meet likeminded locals in a social setting ✅
b) learn the latest social science on a current political topic ✅
c) contribute to the public discussion, ✅ and
d) support our Congressman ????

Check. Check. Check. Cheque.

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Laws vs. Regulations … and Why the Difference Matters

By RT, IndivisibleSB Staff Writer

The term “laws” is commonly used to describe the overall system of rules enforced by society to govern behavior. When used in this sense, our laws include the rules made by Congress or other legislative bodies, e.g., state legislatures, by the executive branch through regulations, or by the courts through rulings that result in binding precedent. Continue reading “Laws vs. Regulations … and Why the Difference Matters”