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Recently The-Man-Who-Would-Be-President got himself into more hot water and tried to lie his way out of a lie by claiming “sort of a double negative.” There is increasing awareness that almost all of what he says should be suspect. Virtually everything he says – and absolutely all of his tweets – should be considered fabrications until verified. That verification could take months or even years. Think about it: all the trump blather is just, well, blather until proven true. At some later date.

As an early example, he claimed no knowledge of Michael Cohen’s payoff of his paramour, and called reports to the contrary “fake news.” When his denial is subsequently exposed as a lie, does that make his “fake news” assertion fake, itself? Fake fake news? Another troubling double negative for the Donald.

Furthermore, because his minions are frightened to utter anything that contradicts his majesty’s words, everything they say must also be held in escrow until confirmed. The focus will always be upon the king’s speech but, as soon as that is found to be a lie, there will be a collapse of underling trust as well.

Get the full story about the range of “truths” told by trump that have been revealed as outright lies. Not misstatements or faulty recollections, but pure self-serving fabrications. From the Washington Posts’s Fact Checker Analysis.

  • This “Outside Fact Check” is part of an occasional series intended to bring smart, timely background information to IndivisibleSB members from sources you might have missed.
  • Fact Checking the President and members of his staff, cabinet, and hangers-on is a full-time job, requiring far more resources than IndivisibleSB can muster. Fortunately, larger media outlets (many wearing with pride the presidential badge of “Fake News”) are now documenting those missteps. Please suggest topics you’d like to see addressed.