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By now you should have received your ballot for the September 14 special election deciding whether to remove or keep the current Governor, Gavin Newsom. This is a Vote-by-Mail election. All registered voters receive ballots in the mail and vote by returning them, either by mail (free) or to the County Clerk Office (see below) or you can turn it in at your official polling place for an in-person ballot.

Vote NO on the Recall!

Newsom is a popular former San Francisco City Councilman and Mayor, Lieutenant Governor under Jerry Brown, and was elected Governor by more than 20 points in 2018 over a leader of the current recall movement. This is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to redo the gubernatorial election the republicans lost in 2018. With a wrinkle that may give the previous losers an edge this time. Don’t let it happen.

Vote NO on the Recall!

Even though in the 2018 election Gavin Newsom was the overwhelming winner, this election could overturn that popular choice simply for lack of turnout. We progressive Californians are a pretty smug group. We elect 79% of California’s Congressional delegation and both of our federal Senators. Seventy-eight percent of State Senators and 76% of Assembly members are Democrats. All statewide elected executive officers are Democrats. It can be easy to take those supermajorities for granted. In an off-year election with only one major issue you might wonder, “I have only one vote; how important can it be?” Very important.

Vote NO on the Recall!

The boo-birds behind this recall election see this as an opportunity. The pandemic has sapped a lot of people’s energy, not to mention refocused our home priorities, and unsettled our work and shelter securities. There are a lot of important worries for many people and maybe voting isn’t high on the list. That’s what they’re hoping. As a relatively small group, they are highly energized. They know it takes only the slimmest majority to overturn the 2018 election if most people are not paying attention and don’t vote. So, what happens then?

The recall issue on the ballot can pass by a single vote. Don’t let it be yours. Then the question falls to the second ballot issue, “Candidates to succeed GAVIN NEWSOM as Governor if he is recalled.” That checkered crowd of 46 includes some republican politicians, a reality TV personality, a retired detective, a cannabis advocate, and several business owners.

Vote NO on the Recall!

It doesn’t matter how small the total vote count is, the candidate with the most votes will replace a proven leader. With the number and diversity of wannabes, the winning percentage could be in the twenties or less. That winner (far less than a majority) in a small electorate could be our next governor. Compare that with the 62% of Californians (a margin of almost 3 million) who elected Gavin Newsom in 2018.

Vote NO on the Recall!

What to do? First, find the ballot mailed to you. If you can’t find it,

Request another one online here:

Or fill out the form at the County Elections Office: 4440-A Calle Real, SB 93110.

Or request the form by mail: P.O. Box 61510, SB 93160-1510.

When you’ve got your ballot, the question is simple: “Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?” The answer is simple: NO!

Put your marked ballot in the official envelope, SIGN THE ENVELOPE, and mail it in. It must be postmarked by election day, September 14. You can also deliver your ballot to 1) any secure official drop box (addresses listed in the ballot information), 2) the County Elections Office (above), or 3) your official polling place (call 1-800-SBC-VOTE to confirm).

The thing to remember here is an 1867 thought from John Stuart Mill (reworded by Edmund Burke): “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Don’t do nothing.

Vote NO on the Recall!