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Yes, we’re disappointed: the pig didn’t fly and the snowball perished in hell. Donald trump avoided conviction and kept his job for another 10 months, but he’s still impeached and forever lumped with only two other presidents. Plus, he’s the only one where a senator of his own political party voted to have him removed. Neither Andrew Johnson (1868) nor Bill Clinton (1998) share that ignominious distinction.

Among the many accusations leveled by trump trial defenders at prosecutors was, “they’ve been trying to undo the will of the people since the election!” Of course, that’s convenient hyperbole since the will of the actual people, according to popular vote, was in favor of somebody else.

Contrary to the complaint, the “People’s House” (the House of Representatives) has been hard at work crafting legislation; it’s the stodgy Senate loaded with unrepresentative small states that has been a roadblock. For legislators the Impeachment effort has been an unavoidable side issue.

But we can agree on a local level: opposition to this president started before the final results were in. He’s been helping us with his daily embarrassing tweets and outrageous decisions, and now we move onto the next step: the election.

Last month, IndivisibleSB held a general member meeting to take stock of recent activities and plan for new ones. Here are the highlights and contact information for those who want to be involved.

Selected 2019 Activities

January. Cosponsored “Women’s March.” Sponsored “GOO! (Get Oil Out)” Table at Arlington Theater.

April. Hosted “Real Challenges/Real Solutions” at Center Stage Theater. Sponsored “Earth Day” Booth.

June. Sponsored “A Case for Impeachment” Rally.

July. Sponsored “Lights for Liberty” Rally.

August. Hosted “Climate Microgrid” Education Event.

September. Sponsored “Climate Strike” Rally. Hosted “Impeachment 101” Roundtable Event.

December. Sponsored “Impeachment Eve” rally at SB Courthouse.

All Year. Sponsored all Debate Watch parties (Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)


Upcoming 2020 Activities

  1. Take the Indivisible Pledge: “I will support the Democratic presidential nominee”:
  2. Hold the House, Retake the Senate:
  3. Federal letter/postcard writing
  4. Address the Climate Crisis, Act Locally
  5. Voter Registration
  6. Improve ISB Communications


Join Us: