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This is an “Outside Fact Check” on the president’s continuing 2018 claims that separation of minors from immigrant adults is the result of Democratic actions, or founded in law, or has a Biblical basis, or requires Congressional action to remedy.


With the expectation that this sorry tragedy will continue to play out (as it already has with the actors being the president, attorney general, a Cabinet secretary, and other administration spokespeople), we offer a comprehensive analysis of the background.

Readers might not realize a related inequity.

  • The crime of a first-time illegal entry into the US is a misdemeanor, for which most of the current adult immigrants are being charged and detained.
  • The crime of lying on or omitting materially relevant information from your Standard Form (SF) 86 Security Clearance Questionnaire is a felony. The president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has done that multiple times by his own admission without detainment. Apparently “zero-tolerance” is a relative thing (pun intended).

For the background on immigrant family separations, click here:

  • This “Outside Fact Check” is part of an occasional series intended to bring smart, timely background information to IndivisibleSB members from sources you might have missed.
  • Fact Checking the President and members of his staff, cabinet, and hangers-on is a full-time job, requiring far more resources than IndivisibleSB can muster. Fortunately, larger media outlets (many wearing with pride the presidential badge of “Fake News”) are now documenting those missteps. Please suggest topics you’d like to see addressed.