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O Canada” and oh, those Canadians! Hell may have no fury like a polite Canadian slapped with an unfair tariff. Whether due to the tariffs imposed by Mr. Tiny Hands or not, the Toronto Star has compiled a list of all known current lies our president has told since his inauguration. It’s up to 1929 as this is posted,  in what may be a continuously updating total for the article. Adding insulting truth to injury, the author doesn’t mince words, attaching the labels “constant liar” and “serial liar” to our chief executive. Bravo!

It’s a long list. Call this a resource document, fortunately including some search tags to find just the right lie Trumpopo has told for your next dinner party conversation.

See the full article here:  “Donald Trump has said ____ false things as U.S. president”

  • This “Outside Fact Check” is part of an occasional series intended to bring smart, timely background information to IndivisibleSB members from sources you might have missed.
  • Fact Checking the President and members of his staff, cabinet, and hangers-on is a full-time job, requiring far more resources than IndivisibleSB can muster. Fortunately, larger media outlets (many wearing with pride the presidential badge of “Fake News”) are now documenting those missteps. Please suggest topics you’d like to see addressed.