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Aesop had it right in this fable attributed to the ancient Greek slave and storyteller. Subsequent versions are many, but the thread remains the same.

For unclear reasons – maybe just hijinks – a shepherd boy calls villagers several times for help defending their town flock against a fictitious wolf. Initially the villagers respond, only to learn the boy has tricked them with a false alarm. After multiple repetitions, when the wolf really does appear and the boy calls again, the villagers ignore him, not wanting to be bothered by his pranks. The wolf attacks the sheep and – in one later version – also eats the boy.

It’s not difficult to see the parallel between Aesop’s joker shepherd boy and our current Tweeter-in-Chief. He keeps warning us villagers of some peril when none exists. It’s actually a time worn tactic of conservatives and republicans. The “Communists!” of Joseph McCarthy’s 1950s. The “Soviets!” of Barry Goldwater’s 1960s. The “Blacks!” of Richard Nixon’s 1970s. “Willie Horton” from 1988 George H.W. Bush. The “Terrorists!” of George W. Bush’s early 2000s.

And now we have him crying the “violent rioters in the cities,” “the China virus,” “They’re bringing drugs; they’re bringing crime; they’re rapists” from Mexico; and “low income housing would invade (suburban housewives’) neighborhood.”

News he finds disagreeable is called “Fake!” Opponents (even in his own political party) are belittled with his infantile nicknames until they convert to his liking and become redeemed. Women opponents are called “Nasty” or worse, simply by virtue of gender.

The man does not limit his habitual lying to the negative. In reverse form, he labels things as wonderful, beautiful successes when they plainly are not. His disconnection from truth and verified science is the stuff of cocktail party (when we could have them) mirth. He has become the cartoon character of Aesop’s Fable, having lied so often, he no longer is believed.

Like the joke used in so many situations, “How can you tell when he’s lying? His lips are moving.” We have discovered his “Art of the Deal” is to overpromise and underdeliver. Here are just some of the lies.

  1. Coronavirus “like a miracle, it will disappear.”
  2. My China tariffs are good for US farmers
  3. Build the wall and Mexico will pay for it
  4. Befriending Kim Jong Un will make him de-escalate his nuclear arsenal
  5. Sending unmarked military troops to US cities will quell the protests
  6. Defunding the UN will make it more compliant to US interests
  7. “You will get so tired of winning”

Provided the US Post Office is still delivering mail, we will start receiving our ballots in early October. Here’s how YOU can save the flock from the wolves:

  1. Register to vote at:
  2. Confirm your voter status at:
  3. Sign up for ballot tracking at:
  4. The day you receive your ballot, mark the ballot as instructed, put it in the envelope, sign the back of the envelope where indicated, and send it back within 24 hours!
  5. Once you’ve voted (mail-in or in person), you can check your ballot’s status at:

Don’t forget, the new presidency doesn’t begin until January 2021. There’s a lot of mischief a scorned lame duck can do in the interim.

So, VOTE and stay vigilant. Help us make America truly great again.