Science Denial Explained … using Science!

by Christina Boardman, Contributing Science Writer, IndivisibleSB

On Earth Day April 22, 2017, over one million people around the world – concerned about recent efforts to discredit science – took to the streets for the “March for Science.” Thousands marched here in Santa Barbara (see image of partial crowd). This support for science is heartening. The efforts to discredit science and scientists are not recent. Science education researchers have been concerned about growing “science denial” for many years now. Science denial is not just refusing to believe “science.” It includes a lack of trust in the process, itself. Continue reading “Science Denial Explained … using Science!”

The Truth About Uranium One

This is an “Outside Explainer” about the 2010 uranium deal republicans are using to muddy the waters about Russian connections. It comes from the respected factchecking organization, Now that the republican-chaired House committees on Intelligence (Rep. Devin Nunes, CA-22) and Oversight (Rep. Trey Gowdy, SC-04) have opened investigations, we expect to see a lot of smoke(screen) created. The explainer outlines the history of the transaction, the regulatory hoops it went through, and some of the principals involved.  Continue reading “The Truth About Uranium One”

Climate Change Explained

This is an “Outside Explainer” on Climate Change from the New York Times, a news outlet covering events of the world. While we might wish a science topic like this to be above politics and beyond the destructive reach of the Trump administration, of course it is not. This explainer has short non-science answers to  17 good questions, including suggestions for what to do.  Continue reading “Climate Change Explained”

Laws vs. Regulations … and Why the Difference Matters

By RT, IndivisibleSB Staff Writer

The term “laws” is commonly used to describe the overall system of rules enforced by society to govern behavior. When used in this sense, our laws include the rules made by Congress or other legislative bodies, e.g., state legislatures, by the executive branch through regulations, or by the courts through rulings that result in binding precedent. Continue reading “Laws vs. Regulations … and Why the Difference Matters”