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And now we know there are, courtesy of the trumpster (rhymes with dumpster) and journalist Bob Woodward. Voters who expected 2016 trump to mature and transform to be presidential, now know the truth. More years of trump will be more years of chaos, conflict, and confusion. He callously described the staggering Covid death toll of so many Americans: “It is what it is.” All should now see: he is what he is.



We now know he intentionally lied to us about Coronavirus. His early non-response to the Covid pandemic was calculated – he says – to prevent panic, but it was likely a fear of its effect on his reelection prospects. He knew it is an invisible, relentless, communicable disease that may kill the most vulnerable, but spreads through the air to many others. He chose to lie and let the contagion run. Taking advantage of his decision, China – on the world stage – is now comparing America’s shambolic response and outcome, to the Chinese tidy rein of the disease as a triumph of authoritarianism over democracy. Congratulations, Donald.



The president addresses national disasters in scattershot fashion on the advice of political cronies. He has no organized plans. He tediously reads rehearsed lines from the teleprompter instead of speaking from his heart. His disheveled and insufficient approach to multiple catastrophes has caused preventable Coronavirus deaths, a patchwork of lockdowns, small business devastation, childcare disruptions and educational setbacks from school closures, millions out of work, a national economic recession, and weekly exposés of social injustice and law enforcement overreach.


He blusters how great things are and how the not-so-great things are somebody else’s fault. This dystopia is a trump-branded America. Here in the West, we have eerie red suns in midday to finish the effect. He has – we have – no one else to blame or hold accountable.


trump’s Economic Recession

The Trumpedemic has worsened the recession after inheriting a robust economy from Obama. Even before Covid, trump fawned over a rising stock market that benefits few middle-class Americans. His trade wars backfired and worsened the 2019 decline in blue collar employment. The indirect economic impacts of the plague and his resistance to a generous recovery package have only been additive.


Much has been said about the businesses suffering or dying as a pandemic result. But this also highlights the important buying power of science-following, health-conscious consumers. We don’t believe the February trumpian lie, “like a miracle, it will disappear.” We know there is risk and we stay at home to protect ourselves, loved ones, and others from a preventable viral outbreak.


Urban Protests for Justice

Free speech (and active protests) stem from the founders’ original Bill of Rights. Today we are all stressed from the Trumpedemic and concurrent environmental and economic tolls. Tempers are short; anxiety is high; tolerance is strained; people are no longer willing to look away from obvious injustice. Add to this the weekly revelation of excessive police force against Black citizens.


Joe Biden has condemned the violence; trump stokes it. Joe Biden deplores the rioting, looting, and setting fires; trump encourages it with his permissive acceptance of vigilantism, nativism, white supremacy, and authoritarianism in the guise of “law and order.” The president legitimizes the dark side of human nature, while Abraham Lincoln – in an even more divisive time – encouraged “the better angels of our nature.” Vote for Joe Biden and California’s Favorite Daughter, Kamala Harris.


Voting Will Help

Suffrage – often framed as “the most basic feature of any democracy” – was a jumbled process in the original Constitution. It took the 15th, 19th, and 26th Amendments to get what we have today.


Remember: mail-in ballots go out to all California registered voters beginning October 5. Look for yours.


Call on the better angel of your nature to restore peace and normalcy to the country. Your vote is important. When you receive your mail-in ballot, please take special care to mark it correctly according to instructions. Seal and sign the envelope. Don’t let your best intentions be defeated by a simple mistake.


We are all in this together. We wear masks and socially distance as personal efforts for our own good and that of others. Voting is similar. Yours and mine are just single votes but – together – we can help rid ourselves of a scourge. Remove trump from office. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.



  1. Vote Early. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked on/before November 3 and received no later than November 6. Why wait?
  2. If you vote by mail, read the ballot directions carefully. Once it’s in the mail, you can’t take it back.
  3. Your signature on the OUTSIDE of the ballot envelope is important. It’s your best identification. Be sure to sign the envelope.
  4. Track the status of your ballot here:
  5. Vote ONCE. Sounds simple, but trump has other ideas. If you vote by mail and confirm the status of your ballot, you’re done! If you filled out the ballot and want to deliver it to your polling place in person, go to your proper polling place for quickest tabulation.


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