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Don’t give us that skanky look, girl. You know this is a sleight of word pitch. Not so bald-faced as your daddy but he still would be proud of your effort.

Are workers really “coming back off the sidelines and into the workforce as Ms. Assistant-to-the-President would suggest? Or is this just more hot air from the royal family, hyping a charade that the economy is improving entirely due to current administration actions?

The Washington Post gives her credit for actually using data (a nicety her father often skips) but TWO PINOCCHIOS for playing fast & loose with the facts and their interpretation.

See the full explanation here:

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  • Fact Checking the President and members of his staff, cabinet, and hangers-on is a full-time job, requiring far more resources than IndivisibleSB can muster. Fortunately, larger media outlets (many wearing with pride the presidential badge of “Fake News”) are now documenting those missteps. Please suggest topics you’d like to see addressed.