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If you’re progressive, you may be seriously concerned that split endorsements will inadvertently elect a deeply conservative candidate who admittedly doesn’t believe in climate change – here in Santa Barbara, the birthplace of Earth Day.

Currently, based on the only poll available to us as voters –Cathy Murillo is the Democratic front-runner. We need to rally around her candidacy.

The wisdom of a trifurcated progressive field has always been suspect and a serious indication of Party Politics trumping public good. Additionally party leaders and some of the press – however well-meaning and for whatever closely held values and principles – have further split the progressive vote with divergent endorsements. The worst outcome may become reality – even with a majority of votes cast for a democrat – we may elect an unpopular conservative candidate.

It’s everyone’s right to vote and endorse how they see fit. But our responsibility as progressives is to adjust to the reality of the times to hold our values above one chosen progressive candidate. We all have to look at the bigger picture. We need to coalesce around the progressive front-runner – not an unheard of practice. If another progressive candidate were in the lead, we would willingly advocate for a consolidation behind that candidate. We would also support an Independent. With a mere few days before the election, with ballots by mail, time is running out.

This is the new reality. Unity is a matter of survival.

These trifurcated endorsements are also irresponsible to the progressive electorate.

Moving forward we will be facing situations like these in our state, county and country’s elections over and over again. We have a serious radical division across party lines that threaten progressive values in many elections to come. Conservatives have in many circumstances forsaken truly constructive conservative principles. If the progressives can’t band together what do we expect will happen? Will we forever split our vote and allow the antithesis of our beliefs and principles to take control?

This is not about some antiquated football-esque idea of “taking one for the team.” It’s about an awareness of how the electoral process works now – in our day and time.

Why do so many of our Democratic leaders and press allies not seem to understand this concept? Why aren’t all the candidates involved meeting right now to resolve this issue? In the Age of Trump electoral dynamics have changed. We must change too, in order to preserve our way of life.

They must be chortling at the News-Press. They were the first paper in the country to endorse Trump. Now they get to elect a conservative mayor to this liberal bastion. This is a stain on the Democratic party’s process and its potentially fatal disunity. This split and the continued support of that split by endorsement bodes poorly for us all in future elections. Democrats, progressives, liberals – whatever we may call ourselves – must rally around a front-runner. We need to be pragmatic and step up for the benefit of everyone – not narrow party interests.

All democrats should transcend and forego party politics and coalesce around the front-runner. Vote now for the progressive front-runner – Cathy Murillo. Make this election a statement of unity. We must move forward to America 2.0