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Dear Indivisible Friends,

The State of the Union is Perilous.

As we learned yesterday FBI Director Christopher Wray pressured FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to step down sooner than McCabe originally planned to do so. With McCabe out of the way, it appears that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is in the crosshairs of the Trump/Russia investigation. Firing Rosenstein is a way to stop Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration’s possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election.

In an effort to smear Rosenstein, on Monday Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee under the leadership of Rep Devin Nunes, disregarded Justice Department warnings that their actions would be “extraordinarily reckless,” and voted to release a contentious secret memorandum said to accuse the department and the F.B.I. of misusing their authority to obtain a secret surveillance order on a former Trump campaign associate.

Meanwhile in the Senate Mitch McConnell refuses to bring two bills to a vote that would protect Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, despite the fact that The Hill reports today that Mueller will soon be fired.

This is a Saturday Night Massacre in slow motion. We must act immediately. Our Members of Congress need to know that we want the Mueller investigation to be played out without interference from the GOP or the White House.

Protect Rosenstein
Sample Script: I am calling Representative Carbajal (202-225-3601) to protest the release of Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ biased, cherry-picked memo attacking the integrity of the FBI and the Mueller investigation. If the Nunes memo is released, it is essential that the underlying documents, as well as the Democratic point-by-point rebuttal memo by Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff be released as well. Rep. Nunes’ bad faith effort to undermine the Mueller investigation makes him unfit to continue participating in the Russia investigation.

Sample Script: I am calling Representative Adam Schiff (202-225-4176) to insist that should Trump OK the release of the Nunes memo that he, Rep Smith, release the Democratic rebuttal memo.

Tweet #ProtectRosenstein! Firing #Rosenstein is a red line, just as firing Mueller is.

Protect Mueller
Sample Script: I am call Senator Feinstein/Harris to insist that they take immediate action on proposed bipartisan bills to protect the special counsel, like the bi-partisan Graham-Booker Special Counsel Independence Protection Act or the Tillis-Coons Special Counsel Integrity Act, and a commitment to vote to override any vetoes of these bills by Trump if they’re passed.

We need to be prepared to march if Rosenstein and/or Mueller is fired.
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Senator Dianne Feinstein
Washington, DC: (202) 224-3841
San Francisco: (415) 393-0707
Los Angeles: (310) 914-7300
San Diego: (619) 231-9712
Fresno: (559) 485-7430

Senator Kamala Harris
Washington, DC: (202) 224-3553
San Francisco: (415) 355-9041
Los Angeles: (213) 894-5000
San Diego: (619) 239-3884
Sacramento: (916) 448-2787
Fresno: (559) 497-5109

Congressman Salud Carbajal
Santa Barbara: (805) 730-1710
San Luis Obispo: (805) 546-8348
Washington, DC: (202) 225-3601