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Party politics is the name for what is happening on the progressive side of Santa Barbara’s Mayoral Election. Best intentions may abound, but to divide the electorate is irresponsible. The result – the election is about – the candidates and their concerns – rather than ours.

Maybe it will turn out ok. But there can be no mistaking that the priorities of the group of candidates has superseded our priorities and divided us. Progressives need to make it clear to their leadership that this must stop and never happen again.

If leadership won’t coalesce around a front-runner then they are clearly willing to sacrifice the good of the general public as they play party politics.

Party politics by definition is a dereliction of public service. In an age of radical conservative opposition, it’s downright criminal

Our next step should be to demand that these individual party leaders meet to endorse a front-runner – not an easy thing to do after they’ve taken us this far down the road. In particular Helene Schneider – Lois Capps – Salud Carbajal – the candidates and other leaders should meet immediately to navigate a way through this crisis.

If they don’t a defeat will be on their backs. How many voters have already voted? It’s likely impossible to find any “exit polling” on a mail-in vote or even find out how many votes have been counted but if it’s true that 40% are undecided it seems like voters are waiting. The democrats need to take a stand while it may be still possible and come together in one voice.