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The Santa Barbara Mayoral Election is one of the most hotly contested in recent memory. It comes when the stability of our federal government seems to threaten our local way of life. It has been said that “All politics are local.”

In that spirit, Indivisible Santa Barbara asked the five mayoral candidates – Cathy Murillo, Bendy White, Frank Hotchkiss, Angel Martinez and Hal Conklin – to respond to the following questions.

We hope to hear from the candidates! We will bring you their answers as they respond.

Be sure to mail in your ballot!

Water Usage
With a federal government which expressly denies Climate Change and sea rise, where do you stand on these issues as it impacts Santa Barbara? What should the mayor, the city council and the community do to assure sufficient water? What are your thoughts on rainwater capture, grey water, rain barrels, cisterns and other low cost methods?

Oil Development
President Trump campaigned on expanding oil production. As mayor how would you respond to a proposal to expand off shore oil drilling in the Santa Barbara channel? Where do you stand on the 700 up-county new production wells being considered, the issue of corroded pipelines and other oil transportation?

Healthcare and the safety net are under attack, how would you address the homeless and mental health problem in Santa Barbara? What are the other ordinances or actions will you recommend?

The median price for homes in SB is now over $940,000. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment ranges between $2500 and $3,000. How would you incentivize more affordable housing for those living here? What is your position on residential development on State Street?

Considering the collapse of big store retail in Santa Barbara and across the nation, how is our economy doing? What do you consider the most important drivers of our Santa Barbara economy? What ordinances would you suggest to renew the State Street corridor?

Sanctuary Cities
Immigration and DACA have been targets of this federal administration. Where do you stand on these issues? How do you plan to implement Senate Bill 54 – signed by Governor Brown establishing California as a Sanctuary State – as they apply to Santa Barbara.