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Jennie, Salud, and Christina

The day began with Santa Barbara’s typical summer high marine layer but the temperature warmed up as we all expected. Drinks in the ice bucket and patriotic table coverings set the mood as Indivisibles filtered in with provisions. Sandy and Bill made sure everyone signed in and got a nametag and miniflag. Christina and Richard put up the Indivisible Santa Barbara banner and Rick set out chairs, patio umbrellas and Old Glory.

Marc fired up the barbeque and soon had burgers and hotdogs sizzling while Jackie and Cathy sliced tomatoes, onions and lettuce. The main course included vegetarian burgers and hotdogs and the serving bowls flowed in with salads and other side dishes. We all became vegetarians for dessert with fresh fruits and baked goods galore.

For more great pictures, see our google drive!


The initial turnout wave was good with 75 – not including dogs and babies  – and they kept coming. The sky turned blue about the time Christina welcomed the group and received a well-deserved appreciation for all her efforts to create IndivisibleSB from the start. She acknowledged Lauren, Jennie and Judy as crazy co-conspirators. Lauren spoke about the need for volunteers to maintain our electronic platforms: email newsletter, webpage, Facebook and Twitter. Nancy described what the writers group is doing to create content and later gathered the names of interested contributors.

Jim from the Sierra Club spoke passionately about threatened changes to national monuments and his meeting with Interior Secretary Zinke. It was a special treat to have Congressman Salud Carbajal attend because he came like one of us. He slid in unnoticed and was coaxed to the microphone where he spoke for 20 minutes giving thorough and thoughtful answers to all our questions about pending bills and anticipated issues.

Rep. Salud Carbajal (right) answers questions on policies and prospects

Welcome visitors continued to drift in as others packed up and departed. The final count was 100 happy attendees. Everyone pronounced the First Annual IndivisibleSB Independence Day BBQ an unqualified success. We didn’t have patriotic music but we did have good weather, barbeque, plenty of food, watermelon, good speakers, and the occasional politician – all important ingredients for an American Independence Day. And, oh, those desserts!