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Indivisible Incovisable Diary

Hey ISB’ers! We have all pressed “pause” on our lives so why not press “record” on your phone? We want to know how staying-at-home is affecting you and what are you doing to stay safe and sane, creative and productive? Pick up your smartphone, turn it sideways, record a video, and share it with your fellow Indivisibles. Whether you’re de-cluttering, sewing masks, working a puzzle, writing postcards, making telephone calls, or Zooming with long-lost family – take out the camera and have some fun! It can be serious, funny, or just to share a virtual “Stay Hopeful” message from across the backyard internet…you decide.

Submit your video and we may post it on ISB’s social media sites, in our weekly Newsletter and on our website with shareable links that you can send to others. So, curtain up.  Let’s have some fun!

Video 101 tips:

  • Please limit your videos to 1-minute total length.
  • Make a storyline in advance: write down what you’re going to say and what shots you want to film.
  • Record your video using the phone turned sideways (you need to position it this way before you hit record).
  • If you really want to get creative, try some user-friendly editing tools. iMovie is free video software for mac users. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, which makes it extremely easy to use. VideoPad is a free video editing software for Windows and a good choice for beginners as it also has a user-friendly interface.
  • Review your video, save and submit: If you’re happy with the end result, save the video file to your photos folder, or desktop or anywhere you prefer for easy access. Then simply fill out the form below, click the “Choose File” button, select your video file, click the “Submit” button and wait for the upload to complete before leaving the page. That’s it! You’re done!
  • Please note, by submitting your video you are giving ISB permission to use the content.