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Indivisible Santa Barbara’s 2020 Voter Guide

Indivisible Santa Barbara is pleased to announce the following recommendations for your consideration when voting in the Nov 4th, 2020 election. 

National Candidates

US PresidentJoseph Biden/Kamala Harris

US RepresentativeSalud Carbajal

State Candidates

State SenateMonique Limon

State AssemblySteve Bennett

School – County

Santa Barbara County Board of Education Area 2Peter Macdougall

Santa Barbara County Board of Education Area 3: Richard Fulton

Santa Barbara County Board of Education Area 4: No recommendation

Santa Barbara County Board of Education Area 6: No recommendation

School – SBCC

SBCC Board District 2: Robert Miller

SBCC Board District 3: Erin Guerena

SBCC Board District 4: Anna Everett

School – Goleta

Goleta Union School Board: Sholeh Jahamgir

Goleta Union School Board: Vicki Ben-Yaacov

School – Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Unified School Board: Virginia Alvarez

Santa Barbara Unified School Board: Laura Capps

Santa Barbara Unified School Board: Wendy Sims-Moten

Municipal – Goleta

Mayor: No recommendation

City Council: No recommendation

State Propositions

14: ISB supports stem cell research, but is unable to provide a firm recommendation based on fiscal concerns.

15: YES

16: YES

17: YES

18: YES

19: No recommendation

20: NO

21: YES

22: No, but ISB recognizes that AB-5 needs additional modifications which should be handled by the State Legislature.

23: No recommendation, but ISB feels that dialysis clinic regulation should be addressed by the State Legislature.

24: No, but ISB supports strengthening privacy laws through other means.

25: ISB does not support cash bail, but also is hesitant to support the proposed risk assessment system proposed in SB10, which seems to make existing systemic inequities worse. However, cash bail is a system that cannot be corrected and so therefore must be removed. Thus we recommend a “Yes” vote to end cash bail and then advocating your state representatives to hold them accountable to change the risk assessment system to make it equitable.

Local Measures