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Date(s) - Friday, April 6
6:00 pm

SBCAST - The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology


Held in Studio F.

All are warmly invited to attend an event organized by the UCSB Humanities and Social Change Center. The second event in the series, “Will you find out the truth?,” is part of Provocations, a new project launched by the fellows at the Center, aimed at engaging the wider public with the academic research conducted by humanities.

Detection of truth is central to detective and spy novels. Who was the murderer? Who betrayed the country? But how do we know what is true? Could the passion for truth turn into a paranoid suspicion of lies and eventually collapse into skepticism? One never knows (what is true)! In knowing oneself we face the same problem. How can we be true to our qualities, traits and experiences? The possibility of self-deception has posed a threat to a sincere confession. In this session we will inquire into these questions, discussing mysteries and spy novels (e.g. Graham Green, Our Man in Havana), as well as religious topics (e.g. Luther’s worry about self-deception).