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Date(s) - Tuesday, July 20
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Sign the Petition to City Councilmembers supporting an Energy Code Amendment to ban natural gas in new construction.

On Tuesday, July 20, the Santa Barbara City Council will vote on an Energy Code Amendment that would require new buildings to be built all-electric instead of also using natural gas. With your help we can push this amendment over the finish line and keep new buildings safe and clean!

Why support this amendment?

1) It helps meet our Carbon Neutrality goals

  • Fossil fuels, like natural gas, are incompatible with the City’s goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2035.
  • As the City begins offering 100% renewable electricity, all-electric buildings will help us get one step closer to Zero Carbon Communities.
  • Buildings currently are responsible for 24% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, and much of that comes from burning natural gas.

2) The benefits of all-electric buildings are far reaching

  • Less expensive to construct – New buildings won’t need new gas piping and gas meters, making them more affordable.
  • Reduced maintenance fees – A recent study finds that all-electric new construction results in savings of $130-$540 per year relative to a gas-fueled home
  • Healthier for our community – Burning natural gas indoors has been documented to increase air pollution to levels that would be illegal outdoors and that exacerbate health conditions such as asthma. You can read more about those impacts from these articles in Slate and the Atlantic.

3) The Code would apply ONLY to new construction – This is cost-effective and doesn’t require retrofitting of existing natural gas appliances which means it won’t have an impact on our existing homes. In addition, there are reasonable exemptions included in the Code such as cooking appliances in commercial kitchens and natural gas infrastructure in laboratories and clean-rooms.

4) Moving away from gas now avoids the need for expanding dangerous gas infrastructure

This is a reminder that SoCalGas used highly questionable tactics when this item was previously brought to the City Council. The California Public Utilities Commission is still investigating the situation for illegal use of ratepayer money to advocate against the state’s climate policies.

Sign the Petition Now! Your support is critical in ensuring that the City of Santa Barbara remains a climate leader.

Want to take more action?

1. Send a short email to the Santa Barbara City Council telling them why we should get natural gas out of new buildings.

2. Speak at the virtual City of Santa Barbara Council meeting:

  • Date: Tuesday, July 20
  • Location: Register to Join Meeting Electronically
  • Webinar ID: 701-314-891 (use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers)
  • Time: The Council meeting begins at 2:00 p.m. The Energy Code Amendment is late on the agenda but will likely be heard between 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. View Agenda.

Thank you for your action to support clean energy in Santa Barbara. Together, we can move the Central Coast away from fossil fuels within one generation.