Who Chooses Our Food?

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Date(s) - Saturday, October 21
3:00 pm

Institute of World Culture


Dr. David Cleveland, Research Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at UCSB, will give the talk, “Who Chooses Our Food? Taking back control for our health, our planet, our communities.” The talk explores the challenges of establishing a healthy and sustainable system for the production, distribution and consumption of food. Currently, food production contributes more than 25% of our greenhouse gas emissions, and fuels an epidemic of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Also, climate change directly threatens our food system, our health, and our communities. Low income and minority communities unjustly bear a large proportion of the burden of climate change and diet-related diseases. Changing our diet could quickly and effectively begin to solve these problems with relatively minor investments and proven methods that we already have. However, diet change requires working together to take back control of our food choices from the food industry and the institutions and government agencies it has co-opted, as well as overcoming individual resistance to change.

Discussion will follow Professor Cleveland’s illustrated and thoroughly researched presentation.

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Suggested donation of $2 per person.