IndivisibleSB is Moving Forward!

Put us on your calendar to attend our second large community meeting of INDIVISIBLE resisters to the current federal regime and policies. Speakers will describe

  • our current efforts
  • our updated organizational structure, and
  • how we and other Indivisible chapters work together.

If you came before, come again to get the latest.

If you don’t know much about Indivisible and want to be part of Santa Barbara’s largest anti-Trump organization, come and bring a friend.

8.26.17 – Town Hall: Becerra, Carbajal, Jackson, Limón

By Rick Closson, ISB Staff Writer

Panelists Carbajal, Jackson, Limón, Becerra

This was a squeaky clean political town hall meeting unlike any we’ve seen for some Republicans. It was held jointly by three local representatives coinciding with the visit of California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra. A popular 12-term Congressman, Becerra was tapped this year by Governor Jerry Brown to be California’s first Latino Attorney General when Kamala Harris was elected Senator. The Attorney General serves a 4-year term and Becerra will be on the 2018 ballot, perhaps partially explaining his visit to Santa Barbara.

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7.27.17 – “Conspiracies and Power”

By Michael Vilkin, Events Chairman
Indivisible Santa Barbara

The evening was offered as an opportunity for IndivisibleSB members to
a) meet likeminded locals in a social setting ✅
b) learn the latest social science on a current political topic ✅
c) contribute to the public discussion, ✅ and
d) support our Congressman 💰

Check. Check. Check. Cheque.

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7.2.17 – Our First Independence Day BBQ

Jennie, Salud, and Christina

The day began with Santa Barbara’s typical summer high marine layer but the temperature warmed up as we all expected. Drinks in the ice bucket and patriotic table coverings set the mood as Indivisibles filtered in with provisions. Sandy and Bill made sure everyone signed in and got a nametag and miniflag. Christina and Richard put up the Indivisible Santa Barbara banner and Rick set out chairs, patio umbrellas and Old Glory. Continue reading “7.2.17 – Our First Independence Day BBQ”

6.25.17 – Tania Israel: Beyond the Bubble: How to Engage in Dialogue Across Political Lines

Interactive Seminar by Dr. Tania Israel, Karpeles Manuscript Library, June 25,2017

By RC, ISB Staff Writer

Approximately three-dozen participants attended this excellent combination presentation, seminar, and workshop on one of the most pressing issues today. With daily news topics seemingly lit in flashing neon by inflamed speakers and incoherent tweets, it’s often difficult to agree on what are “the most pressing issues.” But there is collective dismay across the American political spectrum at the polarization of partisan discussions. If there is middle ground, no one is standing on it. Tribalism is the new buzzword. Continue reading “6.25.17 – Tania Israel: Beyond the Bubble: How to Engage in Dialogue Across Political Lines”

5.17.17 – Naomi Klein: Our Environmental Future: Connection, Collaboration, Creation

Lecture by Naomi Klein, Granada Theater, May 17, 2017
By ISB staff writer

“Our Environmental Future: Connection, Collaboration, and Creation,” was the title of environmental activist Naomi Klein’s lecture at the Granada Theater on May 17. The lecture, sponsored by UCSB’s Arts and Lectures, and Pacific Standard Magazine, was the kick-off event for the Women and the Environment conference held in Santa Barbara May 17-18, and was attended by a very enthusiastic audience. Continue reading “5.17.17 – Naomi Klein: Our Environmental Future: Connection, Collaboration, Creation”

5.2.17 – Hahrie Han: How to Translate Activism into Political Power

Contributed by:
ISB Staff Writers

Professor Hahrie Han, “Understanding Protest and Resistance in the Trump Era”, May 2, UCSB Library

Professor Hahrie Han jokingly said she started her career in the fifth grade when she organized a protest and ended up in the principal’s office.  As a Harvard student, she organized another protest and ended up in the dean’s office.  So she decided to switch from organizing protests to researching protests. Continue reading “5.2.17 – Hahrie Han: How to Translate Activism into Political Power”

4.17.17 – Santa Barbara Protests Zinke, Reagan Ranch Center, State Street, Santa Barbara

On Monday evening, April 17, peaceful protestors greeted Trump’s Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, who spoke in support of Executive Order 19, which would allow oil drilling in our national parks. He also referred to a coming Executive Order that will open offshore drilling as well. With only three day’s notice, protesters numbered over 350.  About a dozen counter protesters were present, but there was no violence or verbal disrespect between the groups. The counter protesters believe oil spills are the price to be paid for “energy independence.” However, the U.S. is all but 5% energy independent now; Trump’s stated goal is “energy dominance”. Oil sourced locally will be sold on the global market to profit oil billionaires.

4.15.17 – Tax Day Protest, Santa Barbara

See video here:

April 15, 2017 – A crowd of approximately 400 local residents met at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court at the corner of State and Sola Streets on Saturday morning to protest President Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns. The protestors held a short rally from 12:00-12:30 outside the Bankruptcy Court before marching along the State Street sidewalk to De La Guerra Plaza for a larger rally. Local residents, politicians, and non-profit organizers all spoke to the crowd holding clever and critical signs of Trump. Protesters heard speeches by local march organizer Sean Tucker, Maricela Morales (Executive Director of CAUSE – Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy), and City of Santa Barbara Councilmember Cathy Murillo.